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When busy professionals take into consideration putting together an outfit, they’re in need of both style and function – and that is specifically accurate for busy experienced females. Paul And Shark Outlet Women would like to look nice, but when they’re operating about day in and day out, in addition they need to have clothing and accessories that are simple to put on and are very functional.

Watches are certainly one of those accessories/jewelry items that may pull double duty – they’re fashionable, however they’re also remarkably functional. Telling time having a cell phone could be the way in the future, but the terrific point about a watch is that it might replace a bracelet or other jewelry. An awesome watch doesn’t just inform time, in addition, it makes a statement.

Timepieces are vital to busy specialists, to whom it truly is of most significance to remain on time in their busy schedules. Whether you’re dropping the little ones off for college in the morning or making that 9 AM small business meeting having a tray of coffees in hand or selecting up your husband in the train just after a enterprise trip, staying on major with the time is essential, in addition to a good watch will enable maintain you on time and organized.

For the ultra fabulous operating woman, think of a glamorous Guess timepiece. Using a gold tone stainless steel case and also a black dial, this watch will look fabulous together with your classic Chanel suits and your tiny black dresses, alike, for any night out with the hubby. With a black chain link stainless steel bracelet, Swiss Quartz powers this watch.

Black and gold are two of your most functional and clever colors around – gold, as a medal, practically signifies that you’re fun and intriguing, and let’s face it, black goes with something. In short, this watch is incredible for the working woman who desires something quite and sophisticated sufficient to create a style statement, but who in the end just must know the date and time – at any time, anywhere.

For all those in need of something a little simpler, contemplate a watch that appears fantastic for any occasion, like a silver Paul Shark Casual Short timepiece having a round silver-tone stainless steel case housing a silver-tone carbon fiber dial. This watch includes a silver stainless steel bracelet that is definitely slim and classic searching. It attaches to your wrist and functions a sizable sufficient face to create a fashion statement without having seeming as well young or overly ostentatious.

This watch is impressive for the busy businesswoman who is also juggling her family life at property. Feel lawyer, with her wide-leg black pants and Tucker blouse. She’s sophisticated but under no circumstances tries also difficult. If that’s the look you’re going for, take into consideration a watch like this 1.Michael Kors also tends to make a bevy of wonderful watches for busy professionals, all of which are at once functional and trendy.

This can be a gold stainless steel watch using a significant chain link bracelet and an oversized face with an ivory dial and a date window and 3 subdials. The gold tone of this timepiece gives it an aged but timeless really feel – like it’s at when antique and classic and also utterly modern. Gold is usually believed of as a bit “louder” than silver and so because of this, this watch is probably much better for all those with much less “businesslike” positions.

PR many people, those within the fashion industry?-this is your watch: Classic and beautiful but additionally in contrast to all the other gold watches available.Another fabulous alternative is usually a stainless steel watch that’s accomplished in rose gold. This watch is superb for busy creative varieties who usually feel outdoors in the box and like to stand out. This isn’t the sort of watch that the girl next to you around the train may have – it’s geared toward a particular woman who values individuality and outstanding craftsmanship.

This piece is also beloved for its simplicity; it boasts an ivory dial, 3 subdials and rose gold-tone hands and markers. This watch is sophisticated and is positive to stand out, which makes it a terrific gift for a busy experienced lady or perhaps a impressive investment to get a woman who buys it for herself. The rose gold colour makes it function very effectively as a piece of jewelry, also for the functionality of your timepiece.

As you could see, it’s very simple to unearth very good watches for busy experts. Ladies sometimes assume that if they’re going to purchase a watch, it has to be either fashionable or functional – they neglect that they will get both! However the truth is the fact that there are lots of terrific watches on the market that happen to be each. You can get one thing that could assistance retain you on time and organized inside your busy specialist life which will also appear outstanding and can function as an further piece of jewelry! What are you waiting for? The ideal watch is waiting for you personally!

What All Shippers Should Know Before Selecting a Motor Carrier to Haul Your Freight

A freight agent working for a freight brokerage provides an invaluable service in that he or she matches shippers that want to transport their goods with trucking companies that are qualified, ready, willing and able to haul it for them. Freight agents and freight brokers have access to numerous motor carriers and can easily obtain the proper equipment for the move which can save the shipper valuable time in getting their product to market.

The services provided by a freight brokerage are ideally suited for small and mid-size companies that don’t have dedicated personnel responsible for making transportation arrangements. In fact, depending on their shipping requirements, many companies can save huge amounts of money yearly by outsourcing their shipping needs to a qualified freight brokerage or a third party logistics company (3PL). Very large companies can also benefit from the services of a freight brokerage or 3PL solutions provider as the amount of goods being shipped on a daily basis may exceed the capacity of their internal logistics department, resulting in shipping delays and cost over runs.

Shippers that contract with motor carriers directly may inadvertently hire unauthorized, unsafe, or under-insured carriers which can often result in unlimited liability for shippers in the event that there is any damage, loss or accidents leading to serious injury or death caused by the carrier.

According to a ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court, shippers may be held liable for “negligent hiring” of motor carriers. Shippers must now be able to prove that they have done their due diligence to the same extent that 3PL’s do. It is critical that shippers hiring motor carriers understand what the courts look for when determining what constitutes negligent hiring. Shippers can significantly reduce these and other liability risks by hiring an experienced freight brokerage that has already implemented sound carrier qualification procedures.

Here are some sound carrier qualification procedures that all shippers should follow:

Check Motor Carrier Authority and Insurance Filings
Create a data file for each motor carrier you utilize and review it thoroughly before tendering shipments for the first time and every time you re-hire that carrier. The file must contain a copy of the carrier’s operating authority and insurance filings as well as the carrier’s safety rating with the FMCSA. Verify if the motor carrier’s authority is active and the authority type is for common or contract. Also, verify that a BOC-3 agent for service of process has been appointed and properly filed.

Check motor carrier safety ratings by acquiring a copy of the motor carrier’s Safety Rating from the Department of Transportation. Carriers having “Unsatisfactory” ratings should not be used. Look at the carrier’s Safety Evaluation Area (SEA) scores. A SEA rating over 75 is regarded as poor; consequently, carriers with SEA ratings over 75 should also not be used. If the carrier’s safety rating is Satisfactory, validate their business references, contact their insurance providers to verify that all their policies are current and up-to-date, and get a signed motor carrier agreement before tendering any loads. If the carrier’ Safety Rating is Conditional, acquire a copy of the report given to the carrier showing its safety rating is “Conditional” and the reason why. You should ask the carrier about what specific steps they are taking to remain in complete compliance and have their rating restored to Satisfactory. If the carrier’s Safety Rating is “Unrated” or “None”, check how long the carrier has been in operating. If the carrier is brand new or the owners recently owned or operated another transportation company, inquire what happened and whether the other company is still in business or not. Furthermore, ask about the carrier’s procedures and policies relating to safety including controlled substance testing, medical exams, driver training regulations and driver compliance with hours of service regulations for every motor carrier. Also, it is a good idea to request references and verify the carrier’s service record with those references.

Check carrier liability and cargo insurance. Always speak to the carrier’s insurance provider and verify that insurance coverage is, accurate, and up-to-date for each and every motor carrier. Obtain a listing of exclusions that are present in its insurance policies. Make sure the carrier’s name on the insurance certificate and on the FMCSA operating authority are exactly the same, and ensure that there is an authorized signature at the bottom of the insurance certificate. It is also a good practice to verify that the truck and trailer listed on the insurance policy is the actual truck and trailer being driven by carrier at the time of load pickup, and not one that is uninsured.

Perform regular carrier review and protect against double brokering. Motor carrier data files have to be kept current. New details obtained have to be filed immediately and the file should be examined frequently to check for potential changes in authority, safety ratings, and insurance policy coverage. Find out if the motor carrier also has broker authority. Some motor carriers with broker authority have been found to double broker loads to other carriers who could possibly be unauthorized, unsafe, and under-insured to transport cargo shipments. This can present a huge problem for shippers who are unaware that their merchandise is being transported potentially unsafely, in most cases may not even know who is actually hauling their freight.

Although there are invariably challenges when selecting motor carriers, the implementation of carrier qualification policies and procedures can substantially reduce your risk of liability. Consider utilizing an experienced freight agent working for an established freight brokerage or 3PL, it can help free up a great deal of your company resources, and most importantly help you to avoid very costly litigation in the event of a catastrophic accident caused by a carrier you selected without performing the proper due diligence beforehand.

The Coverage Scope Under Motor Trade Insurance

As a smart and savvy motor trader you know that you cannot afford to tempt fate. They know that there are events outside their influence that can suddenly occur and throw their business off gear. Natural events like fires, storms or accidents at the garage or workshop, theft and even vandalism can burn a deep hole in your pocket and when customers or employees affected by these events demand compensation, that process has the potential to burn a deep hole in your pocket and also cause a severe loss of image in the market place. That is why the motor trade insurance policy is so important and needs to be taken without any delay. This is a policy that offers protection to a business at all times and is most suitable for dealers of vehicles, drivers, vehicle traders, fleet operators and all those engaged in the repair, maintenance of vehicles including MOT testing.

This insurance is offered in a number of packages and is highly customisable according to specific needs of customers. The packages include support and guidance from experts, risk management, resources that can be used as well as specific products pertaining to businesses that trade in luxury or vintage cars. Other options by way of extras for added protection are also offered to suit customers who have vehicles that are subject to higher loading and performance.

Four features are offered under motor trade insurance. They are Road Risk, Public Liability Servicing, Sales of Goods and Material Damage. While Road Risk is a mandatory cover that traders have to buy as per the Road Traffic Act, the cover of Material Damage offers protection to the policy holder against damage to infrastructure, any stock, goods, vehicles and stuff belonging to himself or the customers. Both Public Liability Servicing as well as Sales of Goods provides extended coverage for any third party liability that could arise from either injury or damage to property.

As a customer, you can also get access to other optional extras. Though these are not compulsory under law, having them would be very useful for certain category of traders. For instance, the Business Interruption cover protects any loss of margins or profits because of unforeseen events like fires. The Employers Liability cover offers protection to employees for any injuries at the workshop or garage while the Goods in Transit protects you against damage to goods as they are being carried in your vehicles.

It is very important to source the right broker for your needs. Prior experience and knowledge about the various facets of such insurance should be your main driving tenets as you choose your broker. Remember that you would need their services for prompt settlement of any claims and it is therefore essential you choose somebody reputed in the business. Such brokers have the advantage of dealing with reputed insurance companies and as a policy holder you can rest assured that you would get the right guidance as well as service in times of need.

Manufacturer Of Transformer Oil Regeneration Equipment

Company oil reclaiming field Remediation to clean oil based drilling cuttings and oily sludge from oil storage tank bottoms in Texas and New Mexico

STW Resources Holding Corp. announced today it is creating a new subsidiary to engage in the reclamation of oil based drilling cuttings and the oil sludge from oil purifier out oil storage tanks, initially in the West Texas Permian and Delaware Basins with roll out plans in the Eagle Ford Basin in south Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Blue Arch owns the intellectual property which is a technology and proprietary chemical utilized in remediating oil based cuttings, mud and oily tank bottom sludge.

In the agreement, Blue Arch will manufacture the reclamation facilities and supply the proprietary chemical used in the separation and reclamation of the cuttings. Blue Arch provides STW an exclusive for business opportunities with customers that STW registers and for the West Texas Permian and Delaware Basins, Eagle Ford Basin in South Texas, and Eastern New Mexico areas.

STW has been consulting with Blue Arch on the design, completion and testing of the first unit which the partnership will deploy in the Permian Basin. STW has been working with oil and gas producers and is in final stages of placing the initial unit, which will have initial reclamation capacity of up to 2000 barrels a day of cuttings and/or sludge.

STW will oversee the build-out, as well as own and operate the facility on a producer’s site and/or lease. The company expects to have the first facility operational by the second quarter and is working with Blue Arch to manage a rollout schedule for additional sites.

THE MARKET: Oil based cuttings are the ground-up rock from the drilling of wells. The oil is used to lubricate the drilling bit and to carry the cuttings up out of the hole while the drilling is taking place. The oil also provides pressure control to help insure that high pressures from oil and gas formations do not create a blowout situation while the pressures are encountered during drilling operations. The rock cuttings are soaked with diesel and oil when they come to the surface and are disposed of either by digging deep holes and burying them or they are hauled off to permitted facilities for disposal; The cuttings are reduced to a non-hazardous rock that can be used for road base and the hydrocarbons are separated out and are sold in the secondary oil market.

STW CEO Stanley Weiner added, “That all of the services we provide are environmentally sound and help clean up and/or reclaim useful by-products from waste in the oilfield. As stated above, ‘The cuttings are reduced to a non-hazardous rock that can be used for road base and the hydrocarbons are separated out and are sold in the secondary oil market.’ The resulting business will provide organizational growth and stability, market penetration, and a full range of services.”

About Blue Arch Resources: Blue Arch Resources was formed to provide a multi-pronged technological approach toward broad-based recovery and recycling packages for the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry. Blue Arch will develop and provide the innovation, experience, and expertise to succeed in the industry’s three primary service sectors which include 1) waste recycling, 2) recycling oil, and 3) aggregate reclamation.