What to Look For When Buying a Motor Sport Vehicle

There are literally thousands of retail stores where you can buy a motor sport vehicle such as a motor scooter. You might be the type who likes to kick the tires before you buy or you might be someone who doesn’t want to hassle having to travel all over and will purchase from a reliable source on the internet. Either way, as a consumer, everyone wants to make a smart choice when they buy. One item of importance to make sure you have when buying is long standing, quality customer service from the store you buy from. Make sure they back what they sell and are always available to answer your questions or help in any way they can. You want your experience of ownership of a motor scooter or other motor sport vehicle to be a good one and your relationship with the store to be long lasting. If you have ever purchased a new car I’m sure you wanted to be well taken care of by the car dealer. The same goes for buying any motor sport vehicle.

It is also beneficial, if you are an avid outdoor rider and are looking for more than one kind of motor sport vehicle that you have somewhere to purchase that can not only take good care of you customer service wise but also has a wide variety of different types of vehicles for sale. Maybe you are interested in a motor scooter, ATV or off road go kart. What if you like super pocket bikes, gas scooters or maybe you are into dirt bikes or how about a utility vehicle. If you have one source that handles all of these types of motor sport products it would make it much easier than running all over the place to buy what you are looking for.

In today’s economical situation it is, for some, difficult to make ends meet. The opportunity to save money is paramount for these times. A motor scooter or motorcycle for street riding purposes can save a lot of money due to fuel economy. A motor scooter can get sometimes up to 100 miles to the gallon. Electric scooters, of course do not run on gasoline and can save you even more. One thing to consider between these two choices is the top speed you are looking for. You will find that a gasoline powered motor scooters can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour or higher while an electric scooter will be substantially less as a top speed in most cases.

In any case if you take into consideration how much you will save in fuel economy either a gas powered motor scooter or electric scooter will pay for its self in a very short time. All in all, whether you prefer an ATV, gas powered motor scooter, super pocket bike, dirt bike, utility vehicle or electric scooter, do your homework and buy from a quality reliable source that has your best interest at heart and remembers that you are number one when it comes to their business. Enjoy your shopping experience and always remember to be safe and protect yourself with proper safety gear when riding.

One last bit of information especially when it comes to a quality motor scooter. You will find that a motor scooter will be available at price points from as low as under $1000 and as high as over $5000. When you go to shop for your motor scooter if you can talk to the owner and get more details about the motor scooter of your choice or ask questions to help you determine which model of motor scooter to buy it is always helpful. This will also give you an idea of how much the retailer caters to their customers. Whether it is a motor scooter, ATV or any other motor sport vehicle or accessory for that matter, do your due diligence when buying.

Motor Codes the Self Regulatory Body for the Motor Industry in the UK

It has been a problem over many years for the authorities in the UK, to control bad practise throughout the motor industry. Many different things were tried to regulate garages and car sales outlets, but this did not stop people from bending the rules and taking their customers hard earned cash, by not carrying out the correct repairs or not doing the work they professed to do.

We all know horror stories, the motor industry has had bad press. I personally do not think this will ever change, there will always be dodgy dealers in the motor trade, willing to rip people off at the,” blink of an eye”. Over the years many different bodies have come along trying to regulate the auto trade, but it seems to me that they are always joined by the same, ” Good guys”. The majority of garages and car dealers, are honest and genuine people, who are just out to earn a decent living.

Garage owners are usually very hard working individuals who run their businesses like running a family. Many such businesses are handed down from generation to generation, offering their local community an excellent and honest garage service One of the first regulatory bodies to control bad garages were Trading Standards. Garages who joined were able to have regular meetings at local facilities, to discuss ways and means to offer a better service, and fairer options to offer their customers, but this did not stop the bad guys, as they simply did not join, however I think that this was a move in the right direction, and helped garage owners to move in the right direction and improve their standards upwards, to give their customers a better standard of service.

However due to Government cut backs in the nineties, this scheme was scrapped and a number of private organisation sprung up, These were usually driven by companies that were also promoting products, in other words you had to buy their goods to be in the club. In my opinion this was not a satisfactory situation and many of these schemes fell by the wayside. In recent time the Government are once again trying to kick-start schemes to create a better image for the motor trade, but this time I have a feeling it may be more successful.

The MOT testing scheme has created a better environment for offering better standards. Also the market has become highly competitive, driving up standards to retain customer satisfaction and pricing fairness. One more thing that I think will help improve things, is the forming of a new organisation called, Motor Codes.This is a new regulatory body that garages, including main dealers and car manufacturers can all join. Indeed the latest company to join are no less than Aston Martin, of James Bond fame. To join Motor Codes your company must meet certain standards. These include fair menu pricing, staff quality workman standards, reception area and an RAC inspection.

6 Tips for Maximum Gate Motor Performance

Automating your gate serves a dual purpose, namely improving home security and providing convenience. In fact, many insurance companies might even take the presence or absence of a gate motor into account when calculating your monthly premium.

But what can be done to ensure that you really enjoy the maximum benefit of having a gate motor installed? These operators can be compared to cars, look after them and they’re sure to look after you. You’d be surprised at the many things you can do yourself to ensure that you always have a smoothly running automated gate.

1. Keep the Rail Clean

If you have a sliding gate at home or at the office, your gate runs on a metal rail normally constructed from round bar. Earlier I compared your gate motor to a car and, likewise, the rail can be compared to the road surface. You’ve probably felt your car’s suspension taking a beating when you drive over a bumpy road filled with debris and potholes – now imagine how hard your gate motor has to work if the load it’s carrying (the gate) is permanently working against it. It is therefore important to always keep the rail clean of stones and debris that might have been blown onto it. Once a month, take a leaf blower or even a good old-fashioned broom and give the rail – which is essentially the “road” your gate travels on – a decent once-over. Also keep the wheels and guide-rollers running freely; apply some lubricant every now and then and spin them a couple of time by hand to ensure that they are still running unimpeded.

2. Check the Battery Condition

Since we live in an age plagued by frequent power outages, most modern gate motors are DC-operated, meaning they run on one or more batteries and provide autonomy should the electricity fail. While a standard 7 Amp Hour used within its specified duty cycle should offer a lifetime of two to five years, atmospheric conditions or bad quality batteries (as well as age) could potentially lead to erratic gate motor operation. As a rule of thumb, check the battery leads and terminals every two months or so for the presence of corrosive build-up and clean off if necessary. Once again, the comparison can be made between a gate motor and a car – with the battery essentially being the lifeblood of the system while the charger can be seen as the alternator, keeping the battery fully charged.

3. Check the Oil Level

Like most mechanical systems, the internal gear set of a gate motor requires lubrication to prevent wear of moving parts. While most operators will be filled in the factory and not require the oil to be changed or topped up at any stage, it is still advisable that the oil level be checked regularly to ensure that there has been no leakage. Contact your local manufacturer to obtain the correct grade for your operator, and also ask them whether you should be checking for any associated mechanical failure that could be causing the lubricant to leak.

4. Give it a Clean

Ants, lizards and all manner of other creepy crawlies favour the heat generated by the motor electronics and will frequently nest behind the controller or even in the gearbox, if they’re feeling particularly adventurous. It might be necessary take a brush to the operator, particularly if the system is behaving erratically and there is no obvious cause for it. But remember, while you are free to use approved solvents for cleaning the controller, electronics generally do not respond well to water!

5. Heed the Call

Many new-age operators provide incredibly useful audible and visual feedback via LCD controllers and onboard buzzers. Sometimes all that is needed is to pay attention to what your motor is telling you and then take corrective action. Some advanced models even have sophisticated diagnostic screens that provide the user with all the information needed to keep the gate operating smoothly – from the state of the onboard electronics to the level of charge of the battery.

6. Have it Serviced

Quite unlike a car, your gate motor needs only be serviced by the manufacturer every two years or so – but it still does need to be serviced. Like any electro-mechanical system, there are parts that wear with age and use and could lead to unreliable operation. Bearings, gears, pinions and motor brushes might all need replacement after a few thousand operations, depending on how hard the unit works.

Always keep in mind that, although there are some proactive measures you can take, it is always advisable to have a qualified technician work on the system.

Motor Yacht Charters – Get A Long Holiday From Your Taxing Working Hours!

We all are so much engaged in our busy lives that we do not get time to chill out. Life is running very fast and therefore, it is necessary to keep a halt and for that what would be better than a ‘holiday trip’. World is loaded with exceptional holiday destinations where one can go and can acquire an ever lasting experience. There are numerous accommodations to lock up, but hiring motor yacht charters renders an experience like no other. By getting acquainted to motor yachts, you can be a part of stunning blue water adventures. Yacht accommodation is best suited for families, newlyweds and gang of friends. The best part with yachts is that you can also add a skipper to improve your skills and which can help you out in tricky situations. Expert guidance is always beneficial and reliable and when it comes to sailing through different shores, a competent skipper becomes a necessity. All in all, if you want to see the world differently, independent charter can be an effective choice.

The facility of motor yachts is available for almost every exotic tropical island of the world. Just make your booking and start sailing through the stunning blue water currents. There are many companies which lends the advantage of well-settled selection of lavish yacht charters for top-most destinations all over the world. The service providers are determined to provide top-notch services with special emphasis on the minute requirements of the clients. Literally, you’ll be amazed by the deep blue and aquamarine waters at your convenience, as if they were organized for your pleasure. If you are under the impression that hiring motor yacht charters will require heavy amount, then my friend you are correct by degrees. Yes, it is true that luxury yachts are somewhat expensive, but there are many alternatives that can offer the same experience and are far more reasonable.

Although prices for charters vary from place to place and from broker to broker, there are two key aspects that mostly affect the pricing structure of motor yacht rental. The first factor is the type of rental agreement. Motor yachts are rented out either as ‘bare-boats’, where only boat is hired or as ‘crewed-boats’, where along with the boat crew is also hired. In this way, rental cost varies with the difference in crewed boat and bare-boats. Another factor is the size of the boat. As a fact, larger boats will proffer more living space and therefore, the charter rates will automatically be higher. On the contrary, the small steamers are compressed in terms of living space and are eventually amongst the most reasonable boats to charter. The rule is that if you are renting luxurious accommodation, then obviously the charges will be higher. But, thanks to most of the online service providers which have resolved this issue.

So, in this way motor yacht charters can offer a convincing short vacation on a tropical island. Enjoy a wonderful time!